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Coffee Might Protect Against Age Spots

JAPAN - A study published in the Newsletter for the International Society of Dermatology investigated whether coffee consumption might protect against age spots.

This study had 903 subjects with the average age being 74. The subjects were studied over a 10-year period and found that people with 25(OH)D blood levels lower than 30 nanograms per millimeter were 5 times more likely to develop type II diabetes than people with 50 nanograms per millimeter.

Researchers noted in their report that . Coffee is the largest source of polyphenols. In this study, a cross-sectional survey of the diet, environmental factors, and skin conditions was conducted in healthy Japanese females to explore the influence of coffee and polyphenol consumption on skin conditions.

Subjects with modest sun exposure recorded their food and beverage consumption along with their lifestyle habits in questionnaires. The skin water content, transepidermal water loss, and elasticity were measured on the cheek of each subject.

The team found that consumption of coffee and total polyphenols from all sources showed a statistically significant correlation towards a decrease in pigmented spot scores (age spots). Most researchers recommend drinking no more than three cups of coffee per day.

If you're interested in helping to reduce your risk of age spots you might want to consider drinking coffee.

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